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From Records to Reads: Nixon Tyme's Dual Artistic Journey

Updated: May 17

Nixon Tyme's artistic journey is nothing short of fascinating. Based near the vibrant city of Rennes, France, this talented individual wears multiple hats as both a music artist and writer. What sets Nixon Tyme apart is the seamless blend of these two artistic mediums, with a unique business model that encompasses selling both records, books and art.

At the heart of Nixon's offerings are the meticulously curated records. With a plan to release a limited run of 200 copies on vinyl, this artist is tapping into the nostalgia and warmth of physical music formats. The intention to later offer CDs provides a wider reach for music enthusiasts who may prefer this more ubiquitous format. In a brilliant move, Nixon also plans to complement the musical experience with a related book, adding an immersive layer to the audience's engagement with the art. To mark the launch of this innovative project, Nixon is gearing up for a launch concert in Fougeres that promises to be a night to remember. By incorporating unique elements like promo videos and live readings from the accompanying book, the event is set to be a multimedia extravaganza. This approach not only showcases Nixon's creativity but also offers an experience that goes beyond just music, inviting attendees to delve deeper into the narrative woven through the songs and words. But Nixon's vision extends beyond just a one-time event. The goal is to cultivate a community around the music and books, fostering a space for like-minded individuals to connect and engage with the artist's work. The website serves as a central hub for this community-building effort, providing a platform for fans to explore, interact, and stay updated on upcoming releases and events. With a dual artistic journey that spans music and literature, Nixon Tyme is carving out a niche that is as captivating as it is ambitious. By intertwining records and reads, this artist is creating an immersive experience that resonates with audiences on multiple levels. As the project unfolds and the community grows, one thing is certain – Nixon's journey is one to watch in the evolving landscape of independent artistry.

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