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Rennes Rhythms: Nixon Tyme's Community Concert Connection

Updated: May 18

Nixon Tyme, a talented independent music artist and writer, is making waves in Rennes, France with a unique project that combines music and literature into a captivating experience. With a focus on creating a close knit community around his work, Nixon Tyme's website offers a range of records and books for fans to enjoy.

One of the standout features of Nixon Tyme's project is the upcoming launch concert, which promises to be a special event for music and literature enthusiasts alike. The concert will not only showcase the artist's music but will also include readings from the accompanying book, providing a multi-sensory experience for attendees. In addition to the launch concert, Nixon is currently planning an autumn French tour. These gigs will feature promo videos that offer a glimpse into the creative process behind the music and books, giving fans a deeper appreciation for the work. By building a community around his output, Nixon is creating a space for like minded individuals to connect and share their passion for art. The website serves as a hub for fans to discover new music, purchase records, books and merchandise and stay updated on upcoming events and releases. As Nixon continues to expand his reach in Brittany and beyond, the future looks bright for this innovative artist and writer. With a commitment to creativity and community, Nixon is poised to make a lasting impact on the music and literature scene. If you're looking to immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind musical and literary experience, be sure to check out Nixon Tyme's website and stay tuned for upcoming events and releases.

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