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Do we really need a bio ?  No  idea, but all we can really tell you is what is revealed within the pages of Nixon's novel..........

Raised in South London, somewhere during what the French might call une epoque d'or, Nixon's life was quite unremarkable, until a chance meeting with some old school friends, who'd amazingly found the keys to a world of high stakes rock n roll.

What fun that must have been, but unfortunately for Nixon, it didn't pan out into any kind  of expected success, but he did learn a few things, probably things that wouldn't help working in bank, or fixing your car, but things that ended up resulting in why you're now reading this...........

Ok, I can tell you want more......

Here's a little soupcon about Nixon's alter ego Tim Bewlay.

Tim Bewlay is a singer, songwriter and guitarist.
His musical career started as a teenager in the late 70's, playing his first original songs in folk clubs around the UK, gathering a band together to record and tour around Europe.


During the 80's, he gigged extensively with different line ups including an appearance at the legendary Glastonbury Festival. As the 90's approached, Tim concentrated mainly on writing, recording and setting up his own publishing company and studio – he was involved in the recording and production of Blueboy's 1997 UK hit single Remember Me.

A conversation with old  school friend Guy Bailey led Tim to a stint playing bass in Guy's internationally successful band the Quireboys, and the beginnings of the idea for the project that was to become Dogkennel Hill.

The band recorded their first album, the alt country tinged Sweethearts of  the Rodeo which was released worldwide to critical acclaim in 2000. The album also featured as rhythm section Dave Tregunna (Sham 69, Lords of the New Church) on bass and top London session drummer Simon Hanson (Grace Jones, Squeeze). This line up played several select UK shows including Shepherd's Bush Empire, from which 3 live cuts were included on the record.

After a four year hiatus, which saw some line up changes including Guy's departure and a relocation to France for Tim, work began on the follow up album All the Kings' Horses, which took the band into darker and more introspective territory. They played a few London shows including the 100 Club and then moved on to tour the new record around France to their growing following.

Since then, whilst continuing to perform live all over France, Tim has been designing and building a new studio at his home in the Breton countryside, and working on film soundtrack music.

As we moved into the 2020's, Tim completed his first novel, a rock n roll mystery adventure called The Ballade of Nixon Tyme, and then thought "Why not make a concept album ?"

So he did........

Recorded with minimal accompaniment, based largely around live piano and strings, it is, he considers, his most cohesive work so far.....

And now here we are, up to the present day....A worldwide plague delayed things obviously, but now we can say finally say.....Here it is.


How We Love The Sea, a remarkable collection of songs, which you can check out on these very 


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